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Photo By Joan Disanto



We are a small hobby cattery located in RI.

I had always wanted a Ragdoll and a few years back had the opportunity to adopt a Ragdoll mix named Pepper. (his story below) I guess you can say he was the start of my love affair with the breed! After Pepper passed I aquired my first full breed Ragdoll, "Clancy". Showed him and loved the experience. Then there was "Alex" my foundation male. I fell in love with this boy when he was 5 weeks old! And here I am breeding Ragdolls! We strive to produce quality Ragdolls. Health and happiness being most important.Therefore we will remain a small cattery believing in quality not quantity.






I am sharing this story because I believe it can tell you  bit about who I am. And, I believe Pepper came into my life for a reason, perhaps leading me here!





I love all my pets past and present. But there is always that one , that special one, the one that grabs your heart. And this is his story:

Pepper came to me at the age of 7. I was his 4th home. I couldn't believe anyone would give him up! He was beautiful! And, he hugged! I can still remember the first time he hugged me, I cried as I am at this very moment. You see he just didn't hug he squeezed, he gave real hugs! I promised this was his last home, he was with me forever!

I almost lost Pepper a few months after I got him , he had crystals blocking his urinary tract and in his bladder, he was so sick. I rushed him in on a Sunday morning. I remember calling my dad crying that he needed surgery. My dad paid for the surgery, knowing how much I loved this cat. With the right care and proper food he never again had a problem!

He was huge, beautiful and lovable! Everyone loved Pepper even non-cat people. He captured everyone's heart.

Peppers favorite thing to do was eat eat and eat! He would beg! lol He loved cheese popcorn, basically any kind of food! His favorite toys were the catnip filled ones. I remember coming home one day to a pile of all of them (and trust me he had a lot) piled up at the top of the stairs. It must have been his mission that day to collect all his toys and pile them up!

When Pepper was 14 he developed cancer, two kinds, mast cell and lymphoma, he lived longer than he should have, longer than my vet had ever seen, but died July 13th 2008

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Pepper. I have his ashes in a box with one of his favorite toys near it. I miss him.

What I wouldn't do do for one of Peppers hugs right now……………!







 I will always love you Pepper,

Missing your hugs!!







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